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Everything You Need to Know About MOTOTRBO Digital Two-Way radio System (Walkie-Talkies) – Part I

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An In-depth Look Into Motorola MOTOTRBO Radio (Walkie-Talkie) Features. 

If you’ve browsed any two-way radio accessories catalogue before, you might have come across the term ‘MOTOTRBO’ without knowing where it originates from and what it is referring to. What kind of role does MOTOTRBO play in Motorola’s two-way radio accessories? How can it be of service to your business’ day-to-day communication or business-critical system?

Let us take you on a tour of the real MOTOTRBO experience below!

What is Motorola MOTOTRBO? 

Pronounced “moto-turbo”, MOTOTRBO is Motorola’s first-ever digital two-way radio system specially designed for the communication needs of business, industrial and commercial uses. Industries that will find MOTOTRBO useful include government agency, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, municipality, transportation, construction, higher education, and more. The cutting-edge digital radio system is especially apt for organisations or industries that are in need of a customisable business-critical communication solution with the help of authorised radio-frequency spectrum.

Using time division multiple access (or also referred to as TDMA), MOTOTRBO delivers excellent audio quality, well-integrated data applications, increased capacity, and impressive battery performance. With MOTOTRBO, your employees will be much more productive and operating costs can be lowered significantly over the long haul.

When it comes to best-in-class features that help enhance your business productivity, MOTOTRBO offers data applications, an integrated GPS module, and message transmission through multiple devices. With the industry’s largest application developer programme, MOTOTRBO provides an extensive array of data applications to expand your business communications beyond voice, which include dispatch capability, man down applications, system management, telephony, and work ticket management.

All in all, MOTOTRBO is a solution every business can count on for years to come. Next, let’s take a deep dive into some of the impressive features that you can enjoy through MOTOTRBO.


#1 Intelligent Audio 

There are occasions where we have to adjust the radio volume by pushing the volume rocker hard several times to be able to decipher the other party’s message through the radio. This is especially frequent when we’re in a noise-filled environment. It can be frustrating at times when we push the button only upon realising that the volume is soft a few seconds in. By the time we adjust the radio to the appropriate volume, we might have missed some key messages communicated from the beginning. What follows is the hassle of requesting the other party to repeat what they were saying earlier. You may end up saying things like “Could you please repeat your message?” or “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you well earlier, do you mind saying it again?”. 

MOTOTRBO negates this issue with its Intelligent Audio feature. It allows your two-way radio to detect background noise automatically and adjust the speaker volume accordingly. This is so that you can hear all messages in a favourable way. MOTOTRBO Intelligent Audio ensures that all calls are loud and clear.  

  1. XiR P6620i / TIA – Designed for employees whose bread and butter involves effective communication, this cost-effective radio delivers loud and clear audio so you can stay connected throughout your work routine.
  2. XIR P8600i / TIA – Engineered for skilled professionals who tackle challenging heavy-duty tasks, this rugged model delivers high-performance integrated voice and data as well as advanced features needed for critical operations.  

#2 Acoustic Feedback Suppressor 

Howling sounds are common phenomena that can disrupt our communication experience. This usually happens when two or more radio users are nearby one another. When a user is transmitting a message, he or she can hear their voice echoing through neighbouring radios. These unpleasant sounds in the background normally echo for several seconds once the message sender is done speaking. 

The MOTOTRBO Acoustic Feedback Suppressor can eliminate howling or screeching sounds that can be irritating to our hearing. As suggested by the name, this feature stifles acoustic feedback between radios that are close to each other. By enabling this feature, looping and howling sounds will not be heard. Radio users will no longer have to go the extra mile (no pun intended) to stay far away from their team members in order to have a feedback-free message transmission. 

A popular MOTOTRBO series with Acoustic Feedback Suppressor feature is:

XiR P6600i Series / TIAComprising both P6620i and P6600i models, this series of digital radios not only ensures enhanced audio quality but also improves safety thanks to the instant push-to-talk communications. It offers up to 28 hours of battery life (equivalent to 3 work shifts). 

#3 Voice Announcement 

When your two-way radio is clipped onto the back side of your belt or inside your pocket, the display can be hard to access. Especially if you’ve got a lot on your plate, the radio is barely reachable. This is when you’ll need the help of MOTOTRBO Voice Announcement. This feature allows you to alter and program the radio settings to confirm actions or alerts by playing an audio clip, so you don’t have to take your eyes off your task.

Voice announcement is further categorised into standard and text-to-speech. Some basic differences between both standard and text-to-speech lie in the following:
• Channel alias announcement (128 channels vs unlimited)
• Zone alias announcement (maximum 20 zones vs unlimited)
• Multiple language support (User recorded vs Yes)
• Text message content readout (No vs Yes)
• Job ticket content readout (No vs Yes)

MOTOTRBO keeps you informed no matter how caught up you are in work, ensuring you do not miss any detail that can be crucial to your work process.

MOTOTRBO radio models with voice announcement feature include:

  1. XiR M6660– Featuring integrated systems capability, larger calling capacity and clearer voice communications, this compact model performs beyond anyone’s expectations. With digital radio technology such as Intelligent Audio and Voice Announcement features, users won’t have to adjust their radio volume or look at their radio’s display panel while on the go. The former helps to monitor background noise and automatically adjusts radio volume while the latter calls out channel and zone changes.
  2. XiR E8600i Series / TIA – Specially made for harsh environments, the E8600i series encompasses tough and compact DMR-standard two-way radios such as E8600i, E8608i, and E8628i. With just one touch of the orange emergency button, employees can summon help easily. In case of an accidental fall, the radio’s integrated accelerometer detects the movement and initiates a call for assistance.

#4 Wind Porting 

When we think about windy weather, some may associate it with cosiness while some others may be reminded of their evenings spent at the beach. Be that as it may, employees who are often in circumstances where winds are normal occurrences may not find it pleasant when it comes to communicating over their two-way radios. Winds can disrupt message transmissions, not to mention diminish the clarity of words spoken over a radio. This is where MOTOTRBO comes in.

The windporting feature by MOTOTRBO can filter out the sound of the wind in the background. For instance, marshallers often deal with windy sounds when airplanes or helicopters are preparing to land on the runway to find its parking stand or take off from the runway. The wind porting technology can ensure that the marshallers are hearing messages from their crew to coordinate well with the pilots or cabin crew responsible for airplane landing and take-off.

Apart from marshallers, the windporting technology is beneficial for those working in a manufacturing plant with loud ventilation equipment or construction site that is prone to difficult weather. Forget about the whining or howling sounds of the wind; every single transmitted message will be audible regardless of the weather.
MOTOTRBO radio models with windporting feature include:

  1. XiR P8600i / TIA – Engineered for skilled professionals who tackle challenging heavy-duty tasks, this rugged model simplifies complex communications and delivers integrated voice and data as well as advanced features needed for critical operations.
  2. XiR P8608i / TIA – This model is much more compact than the P8600i but delivers similar features. It’s ideal for on-the-go professionals who appreciate agility and are seeking effective communications at the workplace.

#5 Remote Speaker Microphones

In this day and age, the noise-cancelling feature is ubiquitous in many devices and accessories – even as basic as your in-ear or on-ear headphones. The same can be said for MOTOTRBO-supported two-way radio and its accessories. One of Motorola’s accessories – the INC (Industrial Noise Cancelling) Remote Speaker Mic suppresses loud surrounding noise at a high decibel level ranging from 90 to 110, so you can be heard beyond any kind of noise from hammer pounding and drilling to crowd cheering and motor racing. 

INC Remote Speaker has undergone rigorous testing to prove its rugged build and sturdy quality, making it the most capable microphone of its kind. There’s no need to speak directly into the microphone. Simply clip the microphone to your shoulder or lapel and talk freely with a touch of a button. In other words, you can communicate freely without having to remove the microphone to hold it in front of your mouth prior to speaking. With INC Remote Speaker Mic, rest assured that the message receiver can hear you even if you can’t hear yourself. 

A fun fact many people might not know about the remote speaker microphone is that it can be cleaned in soapy water. Doing so can wash away construction debris, grim, fine particles and dust which can otherwise clog the microphone, resulting in poor audio quality.  Our best-selling INC Remote Speaker microphones include: 

  1. NNTN8383 – Perfect for noisy environments such as mills and manufacturing plants, this INC remote speaker comes in a rugged construction and offers excellent noise cancelling. No matter how loud pounding, banging or screeching sounds can be, this noise-cancelling RSM ensures you can hear and be heard through effective noise suppression.
  2. PMMN4094This Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) remote speaker microphone is enhanced with windporting, diminishing windy sounds and surrounding noise so all messages you convey over the microphone can be heard clearly.

#6 XBT Wireless Headset Microphones

Motorola has its own line of wireless headsets that not only help with extreme noise suppression but also advanced speech enhancement. In high-noise environments where you can hear machine whirring or metal screeching sounds, a heavy-duty wireless headset like the one from Motorola is imperative for hearing protection. 

The MOTOTRBO XBT heavy-duty wireless headset is unlike any other regular headset in the market; it’s in a league of its own. While it shields you from harmful noise, it also lets you hear sounds that are necessary to your work such as people’s conversations, alarms, announcements or others, so you can remain aware of your surroundings at all times. 

How does Motorola make this function feasible then? The answer is SENS Technology. It recognises speech and enhances the volume of it, enabling you to retain 360-degree situational awareness. Simultaneously, it detects high noise over a certain decibel level and limits in-ear exposure to 82 decibels. Putting on the XBT wireless headset over the head or behind the neck, you can guard against hearing loss while hearing messages hands-free.

#7 Discreet Wireless Kit 

You’ve seen spy movies using almost-transparent or disguisable communication kits for undercover missions. While espionage is uncommon in Malaysia, a well-designed discreet communication kit is essential for highly critical security operations.      

If you’re aiming for a quick communication setup that can be done within seconds, look no further than MOTOTRBO Discreet Wireless Kit. The kit comprises a tiny phonak earpiece that can fit inside your ear snugly and a discreet communication loop that can be hung around your shoulder and concealed underneath your outerwear, so that you can move freely while communicating without drawing any attention from others.   

All you need to do is simply navigate the menu of the radio. Once pairing confirmation appears, a Bluetooth connection will then be established. Place your radio inside your pocket or backpack or another hidden place to conduct discreet communication. Access the push-to-talk button on the easily hidden Bluetooth pod to communicate covertly. With the MOTOTRBO discreet wireless kit, you can listen to your two-way radio in complete privacy; no one around you will notice it. 

#8 IMPRES Audio 

Sometimes, speaking loudly into the microphone may just not be ideal if you’re working in a quiet environment. This is especially applicable to retail stores and libraries where you do not wish to cause disturbance to the patrons. What if there’s a type of technology that helps to amplify soft voices so your message can be heard clearly? 

Thankfully, MOTOTRBO IMPRES Audio Technology makes this possible. It allows your radio to coordinate with your accessories effortlessly to ensure every call is heard in its entirety. MOTOTRBO radios come with automatic gain (AGC) algorithms that optimise sound consistency. The algorithms help adjust microphone signals by raising the volume the signal weakens, and vice versa. That means, even if the user speaks in a soft volume, the IMPRES technology elevates the volume so that the output turns out to be loud, crisp and clear. Whether it be a quiet or loud environment, MOTOTRBO has got you covered with everything!

MOTOTRBO radio models with IMPRES Audio Technology include:

  1. XiR E8600i Series / TIAWith military-grade ruggedness, the tough and compact DMR-standard two-way radios of the E8600i series boast exceptional audio quality, owing to features like IMPRES Audio, Intelligent Audio, SINC+ Noise Cancellation, and Acoustic Feedback Suppressor. Radio models from this lineup include  E8600i, E8608i, and E8628i
  2. XiR P8600i Series / TIA – With exceptional digital two-way radios such as P8600i, P8608i, P8628i, and P8668i, this series is made for those who want to stay productive round the clock. IMPRES audio technology, coupled with a powerful audio amplifier, enables radios to deliver loud and clear speech with significantly minimised surrounding noise. Rated IP68 for waterproofing, the radios have a long battery life of up to 29 hours and a better range of up to 8%. 

All of that being said, the MOTOTRBO experience hasn’t come to an end just yet. Explore further and beyond in our next article. In the meantime, check out our Motorola two-way radio accessories from our extensive catalogue here! 

If you would like to enquire about MOTOTRBO two-way radios, its accessories, and where to buy them, please chat with us or contact us here.