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Everything You Need to Know About MOTOTRBO Digital Two-Way radio System (Walkie-Talkies) – Part II

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An In-depth Look Into Motorola MOTOTRBO (Walkie-Talkie) Radio Features. 

Welcome to Part II of the MOTOTRBO Experience where you continue your journey with us through even more impressive features!  Do not miss out on more MOTOTRBO Features in Part I.


#9 Bluetooth Audio

When working, being able to communicate continuously and clearly is vital. However, carrying around a radio at all times may not be a luxury we can all afford. Take, for example, an escort who has to greet arriving guests and lead them to the conference room. In this context, lugging around a two-way radio will surely be rather inconvenient for the escort. With Bluetooth Audio, however, the escort will be able to move freely and easily, allowing them to do their job more efficiently. Don’t worry about setting up this plug-and-play accessory either. It just takes seconds to set up, and after pairing it, you’ll instantly be able to start using it through push-to-talk! 

If Bluetooth audio has caught your fancy, look no further than MOTOTRBO’s Operation Critical Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece with Push-To-Talk!

PMLN7851 – Easy and comfortable to wear, the PMLN7851 has eight hours of battery life. With that in mind, once you pair the device with your two-way radio, you won’t need to worry about using the PMLN7851, even with one hand full!

#10 Digital Quality

Ever hear what an analog two-way radio sounds like at the fringe of coverage? It’s pretty much mostly static, and any voices you hear? Garbled at best. While you may be thinking, “Well, I don’t really use my two-way radio beyond my office building. I don’t think I’ve ever even gotten to the fringe of coverage before! Do I really need to change my analog radio?” The answer to that, is no, not really. After all, the one you bought is completely compatible with your workplace. However, for those working within larger areas (i.e., construction sites), barely intelligible voices will surely decrease efficiency.  

To counter that, why not switch to digital two-way radios? These radios use filtering and automatic error correction to retain voice clarity. With that in mind, even if the signal gets badly corrupted (from standing near the edge of your radio’s coverage area), the audio will still be very clear! While it’s true that analog radios are still very viable, once you get used to the digital two-way radio’s clarity, you’ll never want to go back. 

#11 Text to Speech 

Sometimes your hands are full so you can’t immediately look at the text message you just received on your two-way radio. Could the message be important? Do you have to stop everything you’re doing just to have a look at it? If you’ve come across this situation too many times for comfort, fret not, MOTOTRBO’s text to speech feature has you covered.

As the name suggests, the feature allows your radio to read texts and work order tickets out loud so you don’t have to put down what you’re doing. The feature also utilises mutually exclusive and pre-recorded standard voice announcements in 27 languages and country accents, including English, Mandarin, and Japanese. It includes a custom dictionary for accurate reading of abbreviations and industry-specific terminology that are available in the MOTOTRBO CPS as well. With all that in mind, MOTOTRBO’s two-way radios truly are radios that keep you informed. 

If you’re wondering where you can get your hands on two-way radios with such a handy feature, MOTOTRBO has you covered with the XIR P8660i / TIA and XiR P8668i / TIA.

1. XIR P8660i / TIA & XiR P8668i / TIA – Both of these two-way radios offer the text to speechfunction to ensure that you can continue working as your two-way radio reads your texts and work order tickets out loud. 

It should be noted that the XIR P8660i / TIA and XiR P8688i / TIA are part of the XiR P8600i Series, a series well-known for its high-performance integrated voice & data, and its advanced features. Curious about the other functions? Click on the links to find out more! 

2. XiR P8668Ex – With an IP of 67 (read more about IPs here!), the fully-featured XiR P8668 Ex portable radio will provide you with critical aid as you navigate through dangerous environments. With the text to speech feature, your eyes can remain focused on the environment as you keep yourself updated with potentially important messages!

#12 User Selectable Audio Profiles

Ever felt like your two-way radio’s audio just doesn’t cut it? It’s great and all, but maybe you prefer it a little louder or softer? Or perhaps your current audio just doesn’t suit your work environment? If that’s the case, MOTOTRBO has a solution for you. Eight, in fact! Having 6 audio profiles (your listening preferences) and 2 ambience profiles (based on your work environment) to select from, you can freely customise (and optimise) your two-way radio’s audio to fit you and your environment! Before moving on, let’s have a look at all eight profiles (10, including the default audios for both ambience and audio profiles), shall we?

Ambience Profiles (based on work environment)

DefaultThe original ambience settings.
LoudEnables Noise Suppression. Speaker volume is also increased by around 8 dB so that the radio is easier to hear in loud areas.
Work GroupEnables AF Suppressor and disables AGC. This is done to minimize feedback loops when a group of radios are close to each other.

Audio Profiles (based on listening preferences)

DefaultThe original audio settings.
Level 1

Level 2

Level 3
Each level compensates for noise-induced hearing loss. These profiles are typically used by adults in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s (and over) respectively.
Treble BoostFor those who prefer brighter or higher-pitched sounds.
Mid BoostFor more nasal sounds.
Bass BoostFor deeper sounds.

Now that we’ve had a look at what user selectable audio profiles are, below are a few MOTOTRBO two-way radios that possess this handy feature.

XiR P8608Ex & XiR P8668Ex – The XiR P8608Ex and XiR P8668Ex (which are part of XiR P8600Ex series) are both ideal for hazardous work with loud noises, long shifts, rough weather, and dangerous conditions (e.g., combustible dust, explosive chemicals, gas leaks, flammable hydrocarbons, and more). With that in mind, just remember to set the ambiance profile to ‘loud’ when your crewmates are on the job, and we assure you that they’ll be equally safe, connected, and productive wherever the job takes them.  

The differences between the XiR P8608Ex and XiR P8668Ex:

XiR P8608Ex – Rugged, easy to use, non-display model

XiR P8668Ex – Adds a full keypad and large colour display for access to advanced features like texting and caller ID

Now, we’ve already talked about a few of the many features MOTOTRBO has to offer, (both built-in and through additional accessories), there’s one last accessory we’d like to share. However, since it’s a bit of a beast on its own, we decided to separate it into its own category. With that in mind, let’s talk about remote speaker microphones and their many features.

Remote Speaker Microphones (RSM)

What are they?

RSMs are accessories that connect to your two-way radio to provide audio functionality in convenient locations (close to the head) such as the shoulders or chest. RSMs are ideal for those who work with thick gloves on (i.e. security guards, emergency service personnel) since they won’t have to remove them or even take their eyes off their work to be able to access the accessory.

While basic RSMs combine a loudspeaker, microphone, Push-To-Talk button (PTT), and a cable (to connect to the radio accessory connector) into a compact device that can be clipped on, there exist more advanced RSMs with enhanced functionalities such as:

  • Dedicated emergency and programmable buttons that allow for speedy access to frequently used functions.
  • LED task lights that can be activated in dark areas.
  • Volume controls to adjust received audio.
  • Audio jacks that earpieces can connect to for a bit more privacy. 

As if all that wasn’t already enough, MOTOTRBO has also developed quite a few exclusive RSM features, them being:

  • Windporting (which reduces the effect of wind on the microphone’s performance and also prevents water from clogging the microphone).
  • Noise cancellation (even in the loudest of environments such as construction sites and during events).
  • IMPRES Audio (a technology that optimises the performance of your radio by further suppressing background noise and improving voice intelligibility. With an IMPRES RSM, the quality and consistency of communication will surely improve). 

Despite all that, RSMs do have a few flaws, the more prominent ones being poor audio quality (upon reaching the fringes of connectivity) and batteries that can’t last till the end of the shift… That is, until MOTOTRBO listened to the complaints and took it upon themselves to improve their RSMs in said areas. And with that, the MOTOTRBO long-range wireless solution and IMPRES battery management application were developed. 

The Long-range Wireless Solution

Many people who use RSMs are required to leave their vehicles to get their work done. With that in mind, MOTOTRBO developed a long-range wireless solution that allowed RSMs to maintain critical communication for up to 100 meters away from the mobile radio. Due to the upgrade, long-range RSMs now have audio quality equal to wired ones as well!

IMPRES Battery Management Application

Even after MOTOTRBO:

  • Made heavier casing and steadier circuitry (to allow batteries to work even after being dropped).
  • Started making batteries using greater shock-absorbing materials (to allow them to maintain their performance, even after being shaken vigorously).
  • Began using only premium grade battery cells (to give the batteries better resistance to electrical jolts).

They still weren’t satisfied. Due to that, IMPRES started researching how they could further increase the efficiency of their batteries…

Eventually, IMPRES figured that within an organization, maintaining a large fleet of batteries was frustrating, time-consuming, and costly. With that in mind, they developed a battery management application that eliminated all the guessing, complexity, and costs of managing hundreds (and even thousands) of batteries at a time.

The application itself is known as the IMPRES Battery Management Application, and it’s capable of collecting accurate, up-to-the-moment information every time an IMPRES battery is inserted into an IMPRES charger. You’ll be able to know how long each battery will last, thus giving you confidence that all radios under this application will be used to their fullest potential. Since the application also tells you when batteries are below your specified minimum capacity, it essentially:

  • Ensures that there is always enough capacity for an entire shift.
  • Completely removes any unplanned downtime and work interruptions.
  • Prevents additional expenses due to having to prematurely throw batteries away.
  • Decreases the need for excess batteries in the inventory.
  • Allows asset tracking for batteries and radios (in the OTA version).

With all that said, MOTOTRBO really went all out with their RSMs. However, while a good product will always give better results, quality means nothing if the user fails to use it properly. There have been cases of people not using their RSMs properly, and since you’re using your money to buy them, we feel that it’s our duty to share the four core rules of using RSMs.

The Four Core Rules of Using Remote Speaker Microphones

  • Always wear an RSM on your shoulder or chest (not the centre) with the ‘M’ or ‘A’ of Motorola pointing at your mouth.
  • When transmitting, make it a habit to move your mouth closer to the microphone.
  • Speak in a clear and loud voice, but never shout.
  • Keep the microphone ports open and clear.

While reading them out may sound silly, you’ll be surprised to find that not many actually follow these rules.

Regardless, after all that talk about RSMs, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t direct you to a few of the best-selling (and top quality) MOTOTRBO RSMs in the market. With that said, we introduce you to the:

1. PMMN4094 – IMPRES ATEX Active Noise-Canceling Remote Speaker Microphone with Large front PTT and Side PTT (IP67)

As with most RSMs made by MOTOTRBO, the PMMN4094 has Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) that allows for clear communication, even in the harshest of environments. What’s more, due to its enhanced audio with Windporting, the PMMN4094 ensures that your voice (and not the surrounding chaos) will always be heard clearly, even if you’re in the middle of fighting a fire or working in a noisy oil refinery.

2. PMMN4046 – IMPRES Speaker Mic w/Vol, IP57, Windporting (TIA4950 and FM Intrinsically Safe)

The PMMN4046 allows you to communicate even in the most severe of weather conditions. Not only does Windporting technology eliminate the howling of wind blowing across your RSM, but it also prevents water from clogging the microphone. As if that isn’t already enough, the PMMN4046 is made with IMPRES technology, granting it superior audio by suppressing ambient noise, improving voice clarity, and amplifying quiet transmissions. 

3. PMMN4076 – Windporting Remote Speaker Microphone, small (IP54), 3.5 Jack, No Emergency Button

The PMMN4076 is mostly similar to the PMMN4046 (in terms of superior Windporting and the ability to prevent water from clogging the microphone), with the only difference being that it doesn’t utilise IMPRES technology. While that’s the case, it is also relatively cheaper than the PMMN4046, so if you’re not fighting against noise throughout the day and you wish to own an RSM, the PMMN4076 is perfect for you!

After all that, we’re certain you now know a lot more about the features MOTOTRBO has to offer as well as the ins and outs of RSMs. With all that knowledge, go ahead and get the perfect two-way radios for yourself and remember to utilise the IMPRES Battery Management Application for the best results!

If you have any questions about MOTOTRBO two-way radios, its accessories, and where to buy them, feel free to contact us here!