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How to Choose the Right Motorola Original Accessories for you Two-Way Radios / Walkie-Talkies

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Maximize Efficiency in the Workplace with the Right Motorola Original Accessories for Two-Way Radios / Walkie-Talkies

Having the right accessories for your Motorola Two-Way Radios / Walkie-Talkies are vital to establish effectiveness and efficiency when managing or coordinating large scale projects. Having clear and uninterrupted communication is time-efficient as it helps you complete the project without any uncommunicated hiccups.

With so many different types of accessories available in the current market, choosing the best accessory for your radio communication devices might become a little confusing. ATTACHE provides a variety of Motorola Original Accessories for both analog and digital radio communication devices such as walkie-talkies and two-way radios that were made to optimise your devices to help them last longer and improve its performance.

In this guide, we will explain the different accessory options such as batteries, earpieces, handsets, antennas, carrying cases, etc., and their variations that you can get for your Motorola Two-Way Radios / Walkie-Talkies.

Hearing Above the Noise

Finding the Right Headsets & Earpieces for your Motorola Two-Way Radios / Walkie-Talkies

Noise is a big part of our world– whether it is at our homes or workplace. However, as acknowledged by reputable organisations such as the World Health Organization (WHO)1, there are health risks involved for employees who are exposed to loud environments daily. 

The International Labour Office (ILO) states that more than one third of workers in the manufacturing industry are exposed to hazardous noise, which can lead to irreversible hearing loss and tinnitus 2. To address the issue, the Motorola Original Headset and Earpiece accessories were created as the ideal solution for organisations to protect their employees from the noise while staying connected for greater efficiency and safety.

Ultra-Light Ear-Sets and Light-Weight Headsets

Ideal for tasks that require discretion, mobility, and/or comfort. Ultra-lights consist of a single on-ear speaker with a microphone, while headsets have a flexible band that is worn over the head. As these are smaller in size and close to the ear, they prevent others from overhearing while enabling the wearer to receive transmissions without disturbance.

Heavy Duty Headsets

Integrated into industrial ear-defenders, these wired headsets are plugged into your two-way radios for improved auditory performance that allows the wearer to be able to hear radio audio without getting their hearing damaged by loud surrounding sounds.

XBT Heavy-Duty Wireless Headset

Made for those who are seeking for clear communication without the presence of wires. Connected with Bluetooth, these wireless headsets are integrated with the Sound Enhancer Noise Suppression (SENS) technology that effectively blocks off noise while relaying normal conversational speech clearly.

Industrial Noise Cancelling Remote Speaker Microphone (INC RSM)

Hear and be heard with the exceptional noise-cancelling and multi-directional microphone that distinguishes between background noise and speech– overcoming excessive noise and allowing clear communication in a busy environment.

Speak and Be Heard

Motorola Original Accessories for Remote Speaker Microphones

Designed for professionals who do not want to reach for their radios every time they want to speak or listen, the Motorola Original Accessories for Motorola Remote Speaker Microphones come in various unique features that cater to specific needs. These features offer enhanced functionality such as noise-cancellation, programmable buttons, volume control, an audio jack, and even waterproof models with an ingress protection rating of IP68. 


Ideal for discretion and minimal disturbance. Connecting an earpiece to a remote speaker microphone helps prevent others from overhearing transmissions as well as maintaining low noise levels in any environment.


Most commonly used when operating outdoors in heavy wind blowing areas. The windporting technology is designed to eliminate whining and howling sounds that often distort relayed messages. It is also IP57-rated, making it submersible at one meter for 30 minutes while effectively preventing water from clogging the microphone to result in clearer transmissions.

Noise Cancellation

Consisting of two microphones, this type of microphone fully optimises audio quality by discriminating between voices and ambient noise. The microphone reduces the noise level of the surrounding, which allows for clearer communication and better efficiency. Ideal for environments with loud sounds that require clear communication such as construction sites or event security.


Ideal for quality and consistent audio communication in loud environments, the IMPRES audio technology is a smart feature that compensates changes in voice levels. Whether you are speaking softly, or moving, or turning your head around, IMPRES remote speaker microphones suppress background noises and improve voice intelligibility no matter how noisy the environment is.

Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone Units

At times, wires may become too much of a hassle when you are actively moving around at work. Wireless remote speaker microphones help you to be able to move freely and communicate clearly via Bluetooth through your Motorola two-way radios / walkie-talkies. Additional features such as the Long Range Wireless Remote Speaker Microphones will even allow you to leave the radio in a work bag and still operate it from distances up to one hundred metres away.

Energy to Rely On

Batteries and Chargers for your Motorola Two-Way Radios / Walkie-Talkies

During mission-critical situations, having reliable batteries are as important as having reliable radios. A common problem with batteries is that the older a battery is, the lesser charge they hold. This could make a big difference during long shifts as the batteries do not last as long as they should anymore, increasing the risk of being unable to communicate with anyone during emergency situations or having to go through the trouble of recharging or changing batteries. With various unknown situations and factors that can affect a battery’s life, choosing the best type to power your Motorola Two-Way Radio / Walkie-Talkie can eliminate your chances of being unequipped for emergencies.

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IMPRES Battery

An innovative battery charging and reconditioning system that automates battery maintenance to reduce cost and promote efficiency. With the use of intelligent batteries and chargers, IMPRES radio batteries and chargers work in tandem to prolong the battery life by up to 43%*. The IMPRES Fleet Management application software, on the other hand, allows support of up to 25,000 batteries in the same location while enabling you to remotely monitor and analyse the status of the batteries.

*For IMPRES batteries, charged and maintained with an IMPRES charger, our testing shows that you will increase the number of charge cycles by around 43% (430 – 700 charging cycles).


When it comes to the runtime of a battery, the location of where the radio will mostly be in is important to note and pre-specified before bringing it there. If the temperature does not match the specific battery type, it will cause the battery’s capacity to decrease, and in turn, your cost of replacing them to increase. For example, in cold conditions or refrigerated environments, a low-temperature battery would be better suited for your Motorola Two-Way Radio / Walkie-Talkie for better and longer lasting battery health.


Environments that are on the wetter side of the spectrum is often a risk factor for most electronics. Whether it is due to steam, rain, or high humidity, batteries with specific IP ratings, including those for total water submersion, should be noted and chosen specifically before purchasing the batteries to prevent unnecessary risks.

Hazardous Environments

In potentially explosive and hazardous environments, having intrinsically-safe batteries and two-way radios are essential to prevent any fatal mishaps. Intrinsically-safe batteries, also known as explosion-proof batteries, are designed and certified safe for hazardous environments to not create any spark or emit electrical charges that may lead to explosions. explosion proof. Discover more about our ATEX-certified batteries that are approved for explosive environments here.

Battery Capacity

Choosing a battery with the right capacity depends on how often you or your operatives use the Motorola Two-Way Radios / Walkie-Talkies and its features. A general rule of thumb is that the longer the period between charges is, the higher the battery capacity should be. Take note of the features in the radio– if it has Bluetooth®, GPS, or even the frequency of receiving and transmitting would tend to use more battery power, therefore requiring a higher capacity battery to last the full shift.

Battery Chemistry

As technology progresses, batteries now have the capability to be smaller and hold more power with the available energy. Motorola Solutions now have two types of batteries that you can choose from: Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH), which is suitable for those who does not use the radio extensively and for long hours, or Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), which allows the user to have lighter batteries with longer run time between charges.

On the Go Efficiency

Mobile Accessories for Motorola Two-Way Radios / Walkie-Talkies

There are various accessories that can enable your two-way radios to easily adapt to different situations, for example, in-vehicle radios give drivers and passengers a distraction-free two-way radio communication system, while a fixed installation at a desk is ideal for those who are not situated in the field but may need to be a part of the conversation. With the IMPRES™ Intelligent Audio Technology that compensates for voice level changes, improves voice intelligibility and more, communicating on-the-go has never been easier.


Most common form of two-way radio / walkie-talkie, handsets come in various types such as compact, heavy-duty, telephone style, with keypad, wireless, or handheld control head.

Vehicle Accessories

These two-way radios are most ideal for those who are driving most of the time and communication is required without the distraction. This category includes items such as a visor microphone, push-to-talk buttons, emergency footswitch, external speakers, mounting, ignition kits, and antennas.

Desk Mount Accessories

With desk mounts, there are currently two accessories which are a desk mount microphone and power supplies. A desk mount microphone is practical for those who are with a fixed mobile radio as it can be conveniently moved around the workstation and moved away when not in use. Desktop power supplies on the other hand are highly efficient V units for mobile radios that can accept a wide range of voltages while still delivering a high power output wherever you are.

Mobile Accessories Mounting Types

Currently, there are three mounting types for mobile accessories, namely through-hole, glass, and magnetic. A through-hole mount is where an antenna is fitted into a drilled hole, while a glass mount is where the antenna comes with a one-sided sticky pad that can adhere to the vehicle’s windscreen, and a magnetic mount is where the base of the antenna can be attached to the bodywork of the vehicle.

We hope that this simple guide has helped you understand more about our products and assist you in making a more informed decision. Contact us if you need any assistance.