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IMPRES Single-Unit Charger-230V (UK Plug)

IMPRES technology ensures maximum talk time and optimum battery life for your radio.

Using advanced charging algorithms, this system automatically reconditions IMPRES batteries based on actual usage, keeping them in peak condition. You can safely leave batteries on the charger for extended periods, keeping them fully charged when you need them, without subjecting them to heat damage.

Single-Unit Charger for radio models: XiR P6600i, XiR P6620i, XiR P8600i, XiR P8608Ex, XiR P8608i, XiR P8628i, XiR P8660i, XiR P8668Ex, XiR P8668i P8608Ex, R7a, R7

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Description IMPRES Single-Unit Charger-230V (UK Plug)
Chemistry Li-Ion, NiMh
Power Source 230 V
Number of Pockets 1
Dimensions MM  (W x H x L) 51 x 88 x 94
 Weight (Grams) 195

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