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Why Original Two-way Radio Accessories Matter

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Over the years, counterfeit Motorola two-way radio accessories have pervaded the market rampantly. They are available everywhere even in shopping malls and tech accessories stores. In particular, substantial quantities of counterfeit two-way radios and accessories are found emerging in Southeast Asia.

As a means to put a stop to counterfeiting operations, Motorola Solutions has been conducting numerous raids across different regions to scale back the amount of counterfeits in the market. 

Why We Should Avoid Counterfeit Two-way Radio Accessories 

While counterfeit Motorola two-way radio accessories are priced cheaper and offer up-to-par quality, they may not be the safest choice in the long run. Counterfeit accessories are sometimes made with inferior-quality components and materials which would make you question their reliability. What makes counterfeit accessories fall under the low price range is the lack of stringent testing and quality control during the manufacturing process. 

When these knock-off accessories get paired with your Motorola walkie-talkies/two-way radios, they might cause hiccups in the devices over the long haul. This depletes their quality and shortens their lifespan, which defeats the purpose of having heavy-duty walkie-talkies for workplace communication.

Oftentimes, they are mass-produced and go straight toward the consumers with no certification of meeting safety standards. They reach consumers’ hands and expose them to unforeseen dangers of exploding batteries, overheating radios and short-circuiting parts, resulting in severe burns or tragic workplace fire. Work injuries that come from these incidents can affect every aspect of life for workers and their families. Each business owner and individual should do their part in pre-empting these accidents. 

How To Spot Fake Two-Way Radio Accessories

To prevent such incidents from happening, it’s imperative that you look out for possible hazards posed by your current two-way radio accessories. Since the designs and packaging of most fake accessories look identical to those of their authentic counterparts, we have collated four common tips that can help you distinguish fake from real, which will assure you peace of mind when using the accessories. 


One of the telltale signs that a two-way accessory is counterfeit is its cheap price. Always make sure to compare the price of products between several merchants, as their price should not differ much from each other. If you notice that the price seems too good to be true, then the components in the accessory are most likely made of cheap materials too.  

Although it may be tempting to keep your equipment costs low for your business, knock-off accessories that place your employees and workplace in danger are still not worth the risk. Consider the aftermath, costs of restoration, operation loss, etc. that ensue from the decision of utilizing fake two-way radio accessories. 


A typical counterfeit battery uses a wire and a poorly flexible piece of metal for electrical connection. The assembly of these components is usually done by manual soldering, which may result in short circuits. Inspect any trace of soldering. If it is poorly done, there is a high chance that the battery is not genuine. Alternatively, if you notice some inconsistencies in the performance of the walkie talkie battery, that is also a telltale sign of a counterfeit battery. 


Most authentic two-way radio accessories come with a warranty that covers certified repairs during a period of time starting from the date of purchase. With that being said, be wary of the warranty information as well because some counterfeit dealers tend to deceive customers of their products’ authenticity through false ‘support and warranty’ claims. 

Why You Should Purchase Original Two-Way Radio Accessories from ATTACHE  

Knowing that there are risks associated with counterfeit two-way radio accessories, it is wise to purchase original accessories from authorized merchants like ATTACHE. Not quite convinced yet? Here we break down some reasons why authentic accessories are worth your investment:


Made of only top-notch materials and high-grade components, genuine accessories are more durable and sturdy. They are more capable of withstanding repeated use over a relatively long period, making them ideal for harsh environments and in some cases, extreme conditions. 

Some of the rugged two-way radio accessories can even withstand extreme temperature and humidity, dust, water splashes, electromagnetic interference, marine environments, and more, while operating at full capacity and without degrading. This is not the case for counterfeit accessories, however. The likelihood of parts replacements or multiple new purchases will be higher if you rely on counterfeit accessories. 


Majority of the two-way radio accessories that you acquire from authorized partners like us generally come with an official warranty period. While the warranty period varies by models and product variants, you’ll not have to fret even when your accessories malfunction or show signs of defects within the warranty period. Should there be any manufacturing defect or poor workmanship found in a genuine two-way radio accessory, you can bring it back to the dealer along with the product warranty card to receive complimentary professional services and certified repairs. 

On the other hand, when counterfeit accessories are broken in the first few months, it will be a challenge to get the right expert to fix them; and even if you do eventually locate a repair specialist, the service will incur a fee. Besides, there is no guarantee that these specialists who repair your accessories have proper certification and training in the use, service and maintenance of the products. Therefore, the accessories may not necessarily be configured to their original state and continue to serve your business for a long time. 

All original Motorola-accessories on ATTACHE’s site come with a 1-year limited warranty, while Mag One accessories come with a 6-month limited warranty, so you need not worry about checking the warranty of each product here. 


Purchasing original accessories is safer and more secure as all transactions are 100% reliable. Upon product dispatch, you will receive a tax invoice that details the products you have ordered along with their respective prices. Your transaction details online are fully protected under the website’s privacy policy. Not only that, but you will also be able to return your accessories if they are in a damaged or faulty condition when they arrive at your doorstep. All of these provide a sense of security, which is lacking among all counterfeits. Kindly refer to our Return Policy.

Some counterfeit accessory dealers may not issue a full invoice nor offer a chance for product return. In any case that you’ve received a faulty accessory from a counterfeit dealer, then you’re not only losing just the product but also your money. 


Along with security, you will be assured with workplace and personnel safety when using genuine two-way radio accessories. You will be void of worries as the likelihood of workplace accidents is slim to none. This can all be attributed to the rigorous accelerated life testing that the accessories went through during the manufacturing process, as a measure to ensure they can function properly and with consistency even in the most demanding situations or environments.  

As the saying goes, “Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.” At the end of the day, every business’s goal is to keep everyone safe and secure. Rest assured that you will come back one day and think that you have made the wisest investment in having genuine two-way radio accessories for your business. 

Where to Purchase Original Two-way Radio Accessories in Malaysia

Two-way radio accessories are available on various online platforms as well as at radio communication retail stores. Given that there are so many dealers and choices out there, it can be tricky to identify authorized sellers. 

One way to avoid dealing with sellers who are in the business of counterfeit accessories is to check the ‘Partner Finder’ and ‘Distributor Finder’ section on Motorola Solutions’ official website. Alternatively, check for the label “Motorola Solutions Value Added Distributor” on the seller’s website and read their FAQ thoroughly to check for their 100% original product guarantee. 

ATTACHE, for instance, is a brand by Triple Access Sdn Bhd, and a Value Added Distributor of Motorola Solutions, hence we’re your trusted partner in radio technology in Malaysia. All two-way radio accessories sold on our site are 100% genuine and original. They are made to keep all your two-way communication effective and efficient, regardless of where you are. 

Hesitate no more — browse our Motorola two-way radio accessories catalogue and shop for accessories by radio models here at ATTACHE! If you notice that the accessories for your two-way radio model are not on our site, feel free to contact us for further assistance. We are more than happy to order the right accessories for your walkie-talkies and ship them right to your doorstep. For future updates and additional information, do subscribe to us by filling in your email or follow our social media at the bottom footer. Keep your eyes peeled for special discounts or exclusive promotion from time to time!