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Customer Stories for 4G LTE Wave PTX Radio

security vb400 08

Why Customer Choose Motorola Wave PTX Radio?

Motorola Solutions has a global brand image from previous successful deployments at other international events provided a strong sign of strength for the product and its service capabilities. For this purpose, customer is confidently to choose WAVE PTX Radio to expend their team communications across nationwide coverage connection and enhance their productivity.

Hakata Daimaru Department

The Daimaru group operates a total of 20 stores in Japan – 11 are their own stores and 9 are affiliates. Thanks to the reliable WAVE PTX nationwide network coverage and TLK 100 broadband radios, Daimaru is able to bridge multiple stores across the entire country without the need to setup or maintain a complicated infrastructure. The instant connection and communication capability remains a fundamental aspect of the Daimaru group’s effective disaster preparedness and measures.

At first, Hakata Daimaru adopted a basic radio solution. But the audio quality was poor, and made the situation even more stressful to manage. After their searching a suitable solution for many years, they finally found Motorola Solutions’ WAVE PTX broadband push-to-talk radio TLK 100 at a local exhibition in the summer of 2019. The store thoroughly tested the radio for 10 days and decided to introduce it on a full-scale operation in September 2019.

TLK 100 radio provides clear audio quality without interruption or interference throughout the main atrium (an eight-storey tall building) and its east annex (a six-storey tall building), spanning a total floor area of 54,000 m2, which is almost the equivalent of the Tokyo Dome.

KOJI KUBAWA, Head of Security shared review: –


The TLK 100 radio wowed me with its uninterrupted and clear audio,” said Koji Kuwaba, head of security. When they were using their previous simple radio, there were some dead spots within the buildings, hindering communication between radio users.

He continued, “This new radio offers easy push-to-talk operation and its audio quality is really impressive. Professional radio users, such as retirees from the fire and police departments responsible for disaster rescue and crime prevention, were also impressed by the TLK 100’s superior features, giving positive ratings for its “light weight, easy operation, and audio clarity.”

When asked about its simple design that comes without a display screen, he said it was not an issue.

The TLK 100 radio improved the focus on voice communications without the distraction of the screen.

Japan International Sports Event

2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo was one of the largest communications projects of its kind in Japan. Motorola Solutions’ sales partner, Ontheway Co., Ltd. was heavily involved in this project right from the project bidding stage, down to coordinating and negotiating with stakeholders, conducting service verification testings, and onsite operations throughout the event period.

Timelines were tight with only a four-month period between when the decision is made about the project bids and when the event would take place. Additionally, there was no room for compromise in having superior hardware products, system stability, and the number of radio terminals available to support the event. Manufacturing and procuring 5,000 radios within this tight deadline was only one dimension to this project’s risks. The COVID-19 pandemic also cast a shadow over the event with the possibility that it could get cancelled or postponed.

Naosuke Teruya, Operating Officer, Ontheway Co., Ltd shared review: –

Our success in serving the needs of this internationally recognized event lies in Motorola Solutions’ collective extensive know-how and expertise in setting up private enterprise systems. Such an event typically encounters many different challenges, and overcoming them rely on systems that are developed for use in public safety operations, and with products that focus on fundamental functionalities.