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Motorola Remote Speaker Microphones Malaysia

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Motorola Remote Speaker Microphones Malaysia

Motorola Remote Speaker Microphones Malaysia

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How to Select the Right Motorola Remote Speaker Microphones with Useful Features

Remote speaker microphones are a popular tool in a variety of professional settings. They send and receive voice messages instantly via a private radio channel that is broadcast live. As a result, they are more beneficial and convenient as compared to traditional communication tools such as smartphones.

Once you’ve decided on the best Motorola radio for your needs, you’ll need to figure out which audio accessories to pair with your two-way radio. The Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) is the accessory of choice for many businesses because of its audio quality, wearability, and durability.

When it comes to customer satisfaction and equipment acceptance, selecting the right speaker microphone for your use and operating environments will make all the difference. Two-way radios will cease to provide accurate and instantaneous communication that you need if they lack a functional microphone that is specially tailored to your employees’ needs.

Noise Suppression Technologies

Many Motorola speaker microphones come with noise reduction features to ensure sounds can be heard in noisy environments where your audio might be disrupted. Due to the nature of noise reduction technology, when used incorrectly, these mics can perform poorly.

When selecting a microphone for your two-way radio, keep the following features in mind.


While the windporting technology is not available on all remote speaker microphones, it is a common feature in many Motorola models. As the name suggests, windporting is a built-in resistance to the wind– no matter how boisterous or extreme it is. This is a common feature if your daily grind is in a windy environment where you need to communicate important messages with others through a remote speaker microphone.

Contrary to what you might think, windporting does not always eliminate all background noise produced by the wind. It does, however, significantly reduce the sound to the point that it is barely discernible, so that the messages will not be overshadowed by static sounds. At the same time, this feature prevents water from entering the microphone and distorting your messages, which is a particularly useful feature if you are working in proximity to water such as the lake, beach or a man-made pool.

Our models that feature windporting technology: 

  1. PMMN4029 

Windporting Remote Speaker Microphone

This remote speaker microphone features windporting technology and a 3.5mm audio jack.

2. PMMN4076

Windporting Remote Speaker Microphone, along with a small (IP54), 3.5 Jack, No Emergency Button 

This IP54-rated remote speaker microphone has a 3.5mm audio jack.

3. PMMN4013 

Windporting Remote Speaker Microphone, Rx-Jack(2 pin). 

This remote speaker microphone features windporting technology and a 3.5mm audio jack.


Noise-cancelling microphones can eliminate background noise when broadcasting. However, these microphones will, instead, be directional, meaning that they can only pick up sound from a specific direction. For the best audio quality, keep it around five to eight centimetres away from your mouth.

Our models that come with noise-cancellation include:

  1. PMMN4094

IMPRES ATEX Active Noise-Cancelling Remote Speaker Microphone accompanied by Large front PTT and Side PTT (IP67) 

The Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) allows you to communicate clearly in noise-filled environments.

2. PMMN4050

IMPRES Remote Speaker Mic, Noise Cancelling (IP54) (TIA4950 and FM Intrinsically Safe)

This microphone is easy to operate, even while wearing gloves, and features IMPRES audio, which optimizes your audio in noisy environments.

Dual-mic noise suppression

These two-way radio microphones feature a second microphone, allowing the user to speak through it with ease. It combines the benefits of noise-cancellation and suppression with the forgiving nature of a more omnidirectional microphone. In other words, a dual-microphone picks up sounds with equal gain from all sides or directions of the microphone, regardless of whether the user speaks into the microphone from the front, back, left or right side,

Although it’s a bit of a misnomer, the windporting mics outperform the other two in extremely noisy environments. The main difference is that noise-cancelling/noise reduction mics have an optimum point of around 70-100 dB in ambient noise, while windporting mics can handle a wider range of background noise.

Our model that has dual-mic noise suppression is as follows:

  1. NNTN8383 

IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone has a threaded 3.5mm audio jack (TIA4950)

This remote speaker microphone unleashes the power of Motorola’s Industrial Noise Cancelling (INC) Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) allows you to hear all sounds beyond the surrounding noise.

Protection from water and dust – IP Rating

For radio users who work outdoors or in harsh environments, they can opt for a speaker mic with a higher ingress security (IP) rating as compared to office or light-duty employees who may not find IP rating as highly necessary. The first digit in an IP rating indicates strong ingress, while the second digit indicates liquid ingress.

Motorola speaker mics have a dust and particle rating of at least “5” indicating that they are dust-resistant. A few models have a “6” grade, which is the highest on the scale and indicates a high level of dust resistance.

On the other hand, water resistance is rated at least “4” on every Motorola speaker mic, indicating that they can withstand occasional water splashes but not submersion in water Water-resistant speaker mics with a rating of “7” or higher indicate that they can withstand being submerged in 1 metre of water for at least 30 minutes.

Do collaborate with internal stakeholders to decide on the IP rating needed for your two-way speaker microphones, so you and your co-workers or employees can operate safely with no communication hurdles.

Intrinsically Safe

Is it true that Motorola speaker microphones are intrinsically safe?

This is a common question you may have since some models explicitly state that they are intrinsically safe. We have the answer for you – all the wired Motorola original speaker mics for XiR P6600i TIA series, XiR P8600i TIA series, and XiR E8600i TIA series are intrinsically safe. Since 2012, Motorola has followed the Telecommunications Industry Association’s (TIA) inherently secure standard for equipment used in Class I, Division 1 hazardous locations. In dangerous conditions, this ensures the equipment will not produce flames, which may otherwise result in a fire accident.

Since the TIA4950 certification is based on testing done by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), certified equipment can be labelled either TIA or UL. All older microphones adhere to the Factory Mutual (FM) norm, so read your safety and insurance specifications carefully. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your safety manager.

Learn more about Motorola Explosion Proof Accessories here.

Ambient Noise and Receive Audio Quality

What is the amount of background noise in your workplace? Is it low, medium, heavy, or a mix of these? When determining which two-way radio microphone would fit best for your needs, ambient noise is a crucial factor to take into consideration. To address accessories usage in low, medium, large, and mixed noise settings, Motorola has developed some unique technologies.


This feature ensures that your radio is set up to work with the microphone. If you talk softly or naturally, but not directly into a microphone, IMPRES Audio senses change of volume in your voice and adjusts the transmitted volume automatically until it reaches the optimal level, so your listener doesn’t have to.

Our models with IMPRES technology are as follows:

  1. PMMN4071 

IMPRES Noise-Cancelling Remote Speaker Microphone with large (IP54) 3.5 JACK 

This noise-cancelling remote speaker microphone delivers audio that is much clearer, more intelligible, and up to 50% louder than XTS Series remote speaker microphones.

2. PMMN4073 

IMPRES Windporting Remote Speaker Microphone, with a small (IP55) 3.5 JACK

Communicate clearly in difficult weather with this windporting remote speaker microphone.

3. PMMN4025 

IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone accompanied with 3.5mm Audio Jack & Emergency Button (IP54) Wind (TIA4950 and FM Intrinsically Safe) 

This IMPRES remote speaker microphone is suitable to be clipped to your shirt pocket or lapel and it allows easy hands-free communication without having to remove anything from your belt.

Intelligent Audio

Mics with this function adjust audio volume depending on the user’s ambient sound (in a quiet office, no noisy radio screeching sound).

Our models that have Intelligent Audio include:

  1. PMMN4075 

Windporting Remote Speaker Microphone is a small submersible (IP57) mic with no emergency button.

2. PMLN6542 

One Ultra-Lite Breeze Behind the Head Headset alongside boom mic and in-line PTT 

Ultra-light Mag One headsets are enhanced for intensive environments in which employees need to interact with customers while maintaining radio communications, hence they are perfect for those working in the retail industry.

3. PMMN4076 

Windporting Remote Speaker Microphone, with small (IP54), 3.5 Jack, No Emergency Button 

This IP54-rated remote speaker microphone features a 3.5mm audio jack.

Miscellaneous Features

Aside from the above technologies, do look out for other features that can influence your decision on choosing the best microphone for your two-way radio. They can have a considerable impact on the overall usability of your PTT solution when used together.

Volume Control

Is it simple to adjust the volume to a level that fits your working environment with the speaker microphone?

Our models that have Volume Control include:

  1. PMMN4046 

IMPRES Speaker Mic w/Vol, IP57, Windporting (TIA4950 and FM Intrinsically Safe)

2. PMMN4094 

IMPRES ATEX Active Noise-Canceling Remote Speaker Microphone with Large front PTT and Side PTT (IP67)

3. PMMN4046

IMPRES Speaker Mic w/Vol, IP57, Windporting (TIA4950 and FM Intrincically Safe)

Programmable button

Are you able to program your button to support other functions as required, such as an emergency button, in addition to PTT’s simplicity and convenience?

Our models that are designed with a programmable button include:

  1. PMLN6127 

IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit, including Programmable Button, Black (TIA4950 and FM Intrinsically Safe)

2. PMLN6755 

IMPRES 3-Wire Surveillance Kit jointly with Quick Disconnect Translucent Tube, Beige

3. PMMN4025 

IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone together with 3.5mm Audio Jack with Emergency Button (IP54) Wind (TIA4950 and FM Intrinsically Safe)

Audio Jack

Do you have the choice of using a wired earpiece for more private/discreet contact or better listening? If so, the following remote speaker microphones will be suitable for you.

Our models that come with a 3.5mm audio jack include:

  1. PMMN4013 

Windporting Remote Speaker Microphone

This remote speaker microphone has windporting technology and a 3.5mm audio jack.

2. PMMN4025

IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone with 3.5mm Audio Jack & Emergency Button (IP54) Wind (TIA4950 and FM Intrinsically Safe)

Audio jack is available to attach the earpiece for discreet communications.

To conclude, we hope that this article has introduced you to some of the models and features of remote speaker microphones that are available at ATTACHE Malaysia. If you are interested and would like to use any of our products for either personal or business use, please do not hesitate to contact us as we’re just one chat box away!