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The Ultimate Glossary of Two-way Radio Accessories (Part 2)

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Read more about 1-wire, 2-wire, 3-wire surveillance kits, earbuds, lapel microphone, and listen-only earpiece in Part 1

Multi-Unit (MUC) / 6-slot Charger

MUC or 6-slot bank chargers are essentially radio battery chargers for multiple portable two-way radios. They are the power-up destination for multiple two-way radios and can charge all batteries equally at the same time. 

Bank chargers usually come with 6 slots, which means they can charge up to 6 radios at a time. Each MUC charger is compatible with different Motorola radio models, so you may check from our catalogue description to ensure you’re getting the right charger. 

If you only need to charge one two-way radio battery at a time, ATTACHE also carries single-unit rapid chargers specifically made for certain Motorola radio models.  

Multi-Unit Chargers (MUC)

1. PMLN7162This 6-slot multi-unit charger allows the user to charge 6 Motorola handheld radios at once with one power supply. 

2. PMPN4290 – Featuring 6 slots, this 2.2kg versatile multi-unit charger supports the charging of 6 two-way radios simultaneously, operating at a temperature ranging between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius. For battery management information for each slot, check the charger’s display panel. 

3. PMPN4298 – The PMPN4298 is a next-generation multi-charger equipped with IMPRES-2 technology. Designed with a UK power cord, its power source is 120 – 240 VAC. It also comes with a display that shows battery management information for all pockets.  

PTT (Push to Talk)

Also known as press-to-transmit, PTT is a momentary button or switch on an earpiece that allows users to have conversations over two-way radios. This action will turn voice reception mode into transmit mode, allowing users to have instant communication and feedback with others. In many industries and fields, PTT on a two-way radio is regarded as the best form of communication and has played a vital role in streamlining interdepartmental communication.

1.  PMLN6757Ideal for any form of discreet communication, this black adjustable D-style earpiece cable features dual coil cords for ultimate comfort and flexibility as well as an in-line microphone and PTT button for convenient and quick radio access while on the move.

2.   PMLN5973Tested and certified by Motorola, the Mag One over-the-ear receiver features an in-line microphone and PTT on a single wire. Besides delivering solid audio performance, it fits flexibly around the ear without causing discomfort no matter how long a user has it on.  

3.   PMLN5732Designed with a boom microphone and in-line PTT, this lightweight Mag One earset allows the microphone to be placed near the mouth, ensuring exceptional audio transmission and hassle-free communication.  

Quick Disconnect 

Otherwise known as QD as its acronym, Quick Disconnect is an umbrella term for multiple kinds of connections that involve disengagement of parts. Quick Disconnect kits often come with several accessories that are detachable or can remain attached when not in use. This term covers several connections as follows:

  • Quick disconnect can be done between the cable and the earpiece itself. For different applications, a user can disconnect the earpiece from the cable and replace it with a different style of earpiece.
  • Transparent coiled acoustic tubes can be disconnected from the transducer (speaker) for cleaning, care & maintenance, or part replacement.
  • A user can also disconnect the cable from the radio connection point or adapter on the radio connection point.    

1.  PMLN6754 This IMPRES 3-wire surveillance kit comprises in-line push-to-talk switch microphone and programmable button to make communication more covert for security staff. It comes with a clear and comfortable quick disconnect translucent tube that can be detached from and hooked to the surveillance kit anytime. 

2.   PMLN6755Sporting a beige-colour cable is the PMLN6755 3-wire surveillance kit which is compliant with the intrinsic safety standard – UL-TIA4950 for DP2000e series. It comes attached to a quick disconnect translucent tube and a clear eartip, and features a separate PTT and microphone.

Shoulder / Palm Microphone

Shoulder or palm microphone can refer to two types of radio accessories:

  • Speaker microphone – Most commonly used radio accessory across all industries. It comes in a size smaller than a human’s palm. This is usually clipped on one’s chest or shoulder epaulette when not in use; and held in one’s palm when in use.   
  • 2-wire earpiece (refer to 2-wire above) – A must-have piece for police, security and personal protection application due to its covert nature, 2-wire earpieces come with a microphone and PTT switch that is run down a wearer’s sleeve and held in the palm. 

1.  PMMN4076Featuring a 3.5mm audio jack, this IP54-rated windporting remote speaker microphone allows you to communicate clearly even in harsh weather conditions such as howling wind and heavy rain. Its windporting technology can prevent the howling sounds of the wind from transmitting across the microphone as well as prevent water from clogging the microphone, ensuring clearer transmissions at all times. 

2.  PMMN4040Certified as intrinsically safe, this IP57-rated windporting remote speaker microphone offers similar functions to PMMN4076 but with better water resistance. This audio-jack-free speaker can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for at most 30 minutes. 

3.   PMLN7269This two-wire surveillance kit offers crystal-clear audio and a convenient push-to-talk button located right on the microphone. Users can either clip the microphone to their uniform or hold it in front of their mouth while speaking to it. 


Made of various materials such as brass, metal alloys and plastic, transducers are speakers in earpieces which allow you to hear incoming radio traffic. Out of the three materials mentioned, brass produces the highest audio quality, followed by the rest. While transducers are designed in an assortment of shapes and sizes, they are most commonly circular and as tiny as a penny in size. 

1. PMLN6759Fitted with in-line push-to-talk and microphone,this IMPRES lightweight temple transducer creates clear audio while providing comfort for extended wear. Utilizing the IMPRES Smart Audio System, this transducer provides optimal audio performance and enhanced audio gain capability. 

2. PMLN5101Having been approved by FM as intrinsically safe,this IMPRES Temple Transducer Headset provides clear audio as well as comfort for extended wear with in-line push-to-talk and microphone. Users can wear hearing protection or keep their ears free of any hearing equipment while using this temple transducer, thanks to its bone conduction that lets you receive audio without having to cover your ears.  

3. PMLN6541This temple transducer headset has been designed to rest on users’ temples comfortably, so that they can still wear hearing protection in noisy environments or stay aware of sounds from their surroundings like fire alarms, machinery, busy traffic, etc.    

Above are the common terms you will come across when browsing our two-way radio accessories catalogue. With all of this knowledge in mind, you will be able to determine what fits your needs and preferences according to the nature of your business or workplace. 

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